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Our Torn Faction

What is Torn and our Faction?
Torn is a text-based online RPG you play in your browser. Torn is set in Torn City, a dark, murky underworld where only the sharpest survive. In Torn City you can be anyone and do anything. Build your character to infinite strengths and play it your way. Torn City is a massively multiplayer game with thousands of active players around the world. 

You can basically be anything and anyone you’d like to be. From a mugger, a thief, an importer to being highly educated, reviver to billionaire. You make your own path.

Most people start out with crimes and getting money, while others start in the gym getting stronger. It’s all your choice!

We also have our own faction on Torn. This is the only place where we have our own clan/faction. We give everyone 100k daily just for logging in at least once per day. This is so we can put you in Organized Crimes so we can gain more respect so we’re able to buy more faction specials. You’re free to spend the money however you like!
If you do an Chain, which also gives us respect, MercQweaD gives you 2x Xanax. 1 of them is currently between 800k and 900k worth in Torn.

If you want to apply to our faction, you can do so by clicking HERE…

Our Faction Specials

Faction Specials