Clash of Clans


a clan specially for 1 game?!?

coc delicious for young and old! create a village, train troops, and attack. and then a dragon comes out of their castle. I can still remember when I played without a clan.

why a special clan?

coc offers the possibility to create multiple clans and accounts. this is what we have done with our clan (dutch legends) we try to touch the top of the Netherlands, we have specially chosen the name * dutch * legends. dutch because the Dutch clan legends because it show that we also have English clans.

if you want to strengthen our team! then you are always welcome !!



ClanCrystal League III
Town Hall13
Builder Hall9
Barbarian King32
Archer Queen41
Grand Warden26
Battle Machine11
Royale Champ11
War Stars702
Total Accounts6
Troops Donated in The NetherlandsPlace 8
QweaD CoC Stats

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