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About us

GameTechChannel (GTC) was founded by Stralique and QweaD.

We started in 2013 with a thriving clan on Project Blackout.
Then we changed our name in 2014, more and more members came into the clan and we became bigger.

In 2015 we changed name again, because we thought the name Dutch-Angels did not suit us anymore.
Until we changed name again in 2017 due to account accessibility.
Eventually in the end we decided to take the name GameTechChannel, because our YouTube channel had that name too.

In the time between 2013 and now we have changed names 4 times.

  • 2013- ????????
  • 2014- Dutch-Angels
  • 2015- Dutch_Soldiers
  • 2017- GameTechChannel

We plan to keep this name because our YouTube channel is also called GameTechChannel.

At the moment we’re busing making YouTube videos and becoming better in games.
We would like to participate in eSport events, championships & tournaments.

You were able to find us as a clan, but we’ve decided that it’s better to go forward as a YouTube channel.
We’ve chosen this mainly so we’re able to join competing clans and make a difference.

Would you like to go to our YouTube Channel? Click HERE!


A little more about GameTechChannel:

While we are currently primarily focused on making YouTube video’s, we also stream sometimes.
In some games we do have our own clans, that is primarily because we also wanted to be a clan for every gamer who wants a simple clan to join, no requirements, no attachments and just simply be yourself and do what you want.

We had decided to stop being a clan and focus on ourselves with gaming, making video’s, going live and better ourselves in games. So, you could run into us in games and see we are either in our own clan or have joined another clan not made by us.

But nonetheless we hope you’ll like our content and join us on the journey we make.
Do feel free to comment on our social media, YouTube or type in our livestream chat.
If you want to tell us something that you want private and not for everyone to read, please feel free to contact us both, or either one of us via our Contact page.